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John and Lisa

John and I wanted a wedding that was the best possible reflection of our adventurous personalities. We spent time deciding how to best represent both sides of our origin because we were Indian kids who grew up in an American culture and had a guest list that reflected that. Zubair Firoz was a no-brainer because of this. He is not only incredibly talented at what he does, but he also exudes a contagious charisma that brightens any space. I have personally seen him raise a packed restaurant to its feet while singing and dancing to a jukebox song—and he wasn't even carrying a drum. He showed up with exactly the same energy on our wedding day, just 10 times as much. Our guests encircled him as soon as he left, and they have been gushing about him for weeks! Zubair is one of the kindest people you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting, as if that weren't enough. Throughout our planning process, he was incredibly courteous and came through for us in the most amazing way. One of the best choices we ever made was having him attend our wedding! You won't look back and regret your decision.
Muskan and John

At our Mehendi, Baraat, and Hindu Wedding Ceremony, Zubair performed. We wanted someone who was not only adept at handling large crowds but also understood the details of the events because for some of our guests—the groom's family and our common friends—these were novel traditions. Zubair did not disappoint. He is not only a delight to deal with, but he also plays well, and our visitors were energized by him the entire time. The bar has definitely been raised for our newbies.
Srishti and Kunal

Zubair was not just one of our favourite vendors, but also one of the most entertaining! Going big or going home is the motto of my husband's family, who hail from Texas. They liked Zubair the most because of how well he got along with them. He was not only cordial with everyone, but also extremely understanding of what my husband would find enticing and beneficial. Sometimes I wish I could just pay him to be my own hype man and follow me around! Zubair, thank you for always being so awesome.
Khushi and Amit

Just as in the movies, a wedding would not be complete without a dholi! Oh gosh!! All praise go to Zubair for being such a wonderful dholi and a nice guy. I'll never forget how enthusiastically my dad danced to his beats. I wish I could show you these glimmers. I greatly appreciate it.