My #Dhol beats will awaken the dance spirit in your #barat #party #wedding #event and make it one memorable event!

Zubair Firoz  aka your favorite #Dholi_in_USA. I was born in Kutch in the state of Gujarat, India. Hence the name ‘Kutchi Dholi’. I was inspired by my dad to be a musician. My father was a vocalist in a band that performed at Garba evenings, Navaratri, and other special occasions. On my days off from school, I traveled with him to his gigs, where my father’s bandmates let me play drums for pleasure, sparking my interest in music and percussion, and I was soon playing drums and grooving to beats fluently. As I grew older I soon started to perform with the same band and eventually started leading a big band and performed in front of a huge crowd at a very young age. Music makes me happy like nothing else. I enjoy traveling, and my job enables me to do both while also letting me perform and make people happy.

Bollywood Dholi
Bollywood Dholi

I have always felt very connected with my dhol, and I wish to make you feel the same. I have 15 years of experience playing dhol in events irrespective of the occasion you are hosting. I am a very kind and down-to-earth person. I love to see cheerful and smiling people. That is my motive for starting with music as a career! Undoubtedly, I am proud to see my name as one of the best Kutchi dholi in the USA. Bollywood Dholi, also known as kutchi dholi.

I specialize in Bollywood music, Gujurati, Garba and a wide range of traditional and folk music from all parts of India. Additionally, I also specialize in Pakistani folk music.

I am known to make people dance to the beats of my Dhol but I play a wide range of percussions that incorporates Dhol, Drums, Matki, ROTI DRUMS, ELECTRIC pads, Zen DRUM, CONGOS and much more.

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I put forth a lot of effort to give top-notch entertainment on any dance floor. Besides having fun, I want to make sure that everyone around me can hear and feel my dhol beats. At the end of the day, it’s all about keeping everyone smiling and dancing!
With my significant skill and understanding, I enhance events by engaging the crowd and keeping them dancing all night. My presence will turn your event into a one-of-a-kind, treasured memory for you and your guests.




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